Feeling Stuck. 

I'm in a rut. Lately, I have been consumed with feelings of anxiety and stress.  I have always been a worrier, but it's getting worst. I tend to think ahead and always of the worst case scenario. In the past, I have been able to manage my anxiety and stress by acknowledging that my feelings…


The Benefits of Taking A Break From Social Media

I recently took two weeks away from social media and I greatly benefitted from it. Before I expound on the benefits I enjoyed from my break, let me provide you with some background as to why I decided to take a break from social media: I was feeling overwhelmed with life in general. I was…


Sometimes we tend to carry on with resentment in our hearts after we claimed to have moved on and found forgiveness. The sad reality is that the harvesting of negative feelings toward someone is not forgiveness at all. In fact, it is the sign that you have not moved on and that you are still holding on to negative feelings. Those negative feelings become a burden and you need to unpack those feelings for your own well-being.