Lost Files: Costa Rica

Upon graduating from law school nearly three years ago, I celebrated with a mini trip to Liberia, Costa Rica. I took amazing pictures of  the food, city attractions, beach, and more. I had such an amazing trip. Unfortunately, I got my cell phone stolen while at a night club, which had most of my pictures so I cannot share some of the amazing shots I captured. Fortunately, I was able to scrape up a few pictures from friends from a tour we took on the country side. That day, we decided for one day that we would leave the comforts of the beach and white sand to strap up our boots!

Before I get into my vacation, I want to share what I learned about Costa Rica and ways I think someone could improve their own travel to the beautiful country.

Where in Costa Rica was I? 

Liberia, Costa Rica. Liberia is the largest city in the Guanacaste providence. It is about 133 miles away from San Jose, the national capital. For the most part, it has a tropical savannah climate. Spanish is the national language  and the currency is the Costa Rican Colon. I felt safe on my trip (but keep in mind I was far from the city, where most of the crime is reported).

Some Tips for Traveling to Costa Rica: 

(1) Depending on the purpose of your travel, choose wisely whether to stay in a resort or in a hotel or rental property. 

We choose a resort, because the purpose of the vacation was to relax. By staying on the resort, we were able to stay near the beach (within walking distance to the shore). All amenities was included in our package and it took out all the worry of planning out a trip. We just packed our stuff and showed up in another country. The downside to staying at a resort is that it can be a limiting experience if you don’t do your research. For example, we weren’t truly exposed to the “culture” of the country. Everything around us was pretty much a “tourist trap“. Eventually, I started to feel like I was missing out on the authenticity of the country. However, that issue was addressed once we wondered out into the country side. We meet locals and experienced authentic Costa Rican food (though our hotel did a good job serving up what seemed to be authentic food).

Nonetheless, if you stay at a hotel or rental property, I think you are in a better position to “see more”. More likely, you will be further from the beach and may be near the locals. Also, I think staying at a hotel encourages you to plan out your trip better. Either way you choose to travel, I highly recommend taking a day trip to Nicaragua. I hear the waterfalls are stunning!

(2) Bring everything you need! Costa Rica is expensive.

Costa Rica is not cheap, in my opinion, so if you forget your flip flops, you may be forced to pay upwards $30 for some new ones!

(3) Bring money for excursions! 

Traveling to Costa Rica is for the adventure chasers. There are tons of activities such as zip lining, seeing the volcanos, hiking, taking boat tours, horse back riding, snorkeling, parting, touring the city, and so much more. Costa Rica is a fun place to be with many things to do. It also has a romantic feel to it that makes it an ideal spot couples. Oh, and learn how to surf while you are there! Classes are offered right on the beach.

(4) Have fun and try something new.

Be open-minded and try something new–this applies to anywhere you travel 🙂

My adventures (recovered pics): 

We went whitewater rafting: (and you will see how much fun we had and the laughters we shared.

Yes! My boat flipped over !!!

Then, we went zip lining:

And of course, we went horse back riding:

Until Next Time.

3 thoughts on “Lost Files: Costa Rica

  1. I went to Costa Rica a few years ago and totally fell in love with its beauty! Such a great post! That’s a bummer someone stole your phone:( I’m glad you were able to have a couple pictures to look back on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We were in a few different cities, we started in San Jose, then we were in Arenal, I’m pretty sure we were in Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio and a few others that I’m blanking on right now haha. I loved the Caribbean side it was so unique and so fun. I agree, I’d consider living in Costa Rica I loved it so much

        Liked by 1 person

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