Starting A New Hair Regimen

I have been natural since 2011 ( I big chopped and never looked back—nah, I looked back but kept it pushing). Now, like many naturals, I have this overwhelming feeling every now and then when I see a new natural with beautifully curly (Yes-including 4c) hair that forms a perfect crown around her face. Its shiny, curls are popping, and looking well moisturized. I feel proud that I belong to this “group” and then I feel inadequate because my hair is less than the aforementioned. But honestly, Im the one to blame. I have a confession: I don’t take adequate care of my hair.

Therefore, I am challenging myself by starting a new hair care regimen.

  1. Shampoo hair regularly. For me, that means once a week. Either Saturday or Sunday
  2. Deep Condition weekly
  3. Regular Protein treatments. Im currently in love with Henna and will try to do this bimonthly.
  5. Keep hair detangled and styled
  6. Oil scalp once a week.
  7. Scalp massages

To jump start this healthy hair challenge, Ill trim my hair today and keep you all posted!


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